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Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 125 pounds

Height: 67 inches

Age: 21

Country: United States

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Smoke: Non Smoker

Drink: Occasional

Occupation/Major: MFC Model Since 2010, Pageant Queen, Collector, Student

Favorite Food: hot wings & beer // sushi // watermelon

Pets: a couple of mutts that are my life %Title MyFreeCams Model [/wpspoiler]

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[wpspoiler name="Personal Information" ]Meaning of Life: Be the best you can, do the best you can, and expect the worst from everyone else..But be optimistic and look for the best.. Be hopeful. When you find the few that are different, hold them close.. We aren’t here for very long, as is.. so make the best of it.. Learn what you enjoy and stay true in what you believe, and don’t change that for anyone.. Devote your time to those you love, the things you love, and learning as much as you can outside your own backyard in this gorgeous world that God created.. Don’t waste time on things that aren’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle.. & Ofc.. Work hard, play hard %Title MyFreeCams Model

Five Things I Can’t Live Without: Tokens, obviously- my phone, although at times I wish we, as a society, weren’t so dependent on it- my fur bugs- my car- Netflix… & the great Eternal Power that keeps me moving forward.

Favorite Books: Biographies, Erotic Romance Novels, Crime Thrillers, books about finding yourself.. life guides.. DIY project books.. Etc.

What I Like To Do For Fun: I try & make everything I do fun.. Mostly these days, when I get down time, I just take a minute to enjoy not having a damn thing to do.

Favorite Songs: 60′s & 70′s Classic Rock- Pink Floyd, Elton John, ELO, Buffalo Springfield, The Who, Cat Stevens, CCR, The Eagles // 90′s & 00′s R&B- Usher, Mario, Ashanti, Boys 2 Men, Frankie J, Aaliyah, Mariah Carey // Indie Pop/Rock & Misc- LANA DEL REY! <3 // 80′s Pop/Rock – Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney, Prince, Foreigner

Favorite Movies: Dumb & Dummer, Pineapple Express, American Pyscho, The Notebook (ofc!), Dirty Dancing, Goodfellas, The Godfather Movies// Mystic River, Now & Then, Stand by Me, The Lion King Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done: Beat my highest tip ever, of 48.072 tokens.. And I will Skype and tell you ALL about it. If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: On a beach, a secluded, quiet one, in an old person community, with a little house near the water, sipping a drink, listening to some Smokey Robinson, in a bikini with my special someone’s shirt over it all nice & baggy, curled up in a hammock with my head on their chest %Title MyFreeCams Model

Hobbies: Ever since my lease ended in November of 2012, I have been doing a lot of moving around and traveling.. Still at that point in my life where I’m really trying to figure out where it is I want to be, and what I want to do from there.. What I have picked up though is a great interest in collecting certain items, most especially old vinyl records (I have a whole wishlist of these!), old photographs, books, vintage magazines and postcards, and old rock and pop culture memorabilia. Reading, Random Internet/Celeb Blog Stalking / Spoiling my two little munchkin babies (my dogs), Poker & other nonsense iPhone games.. %Title MyFreeCams Model

Perfect Mate: Someone who can put up with my nonsense.. Someone patient, someone down to earth, understanding, driven, but not too serious.. HONEST, straightforward, a little raunchy with a sick sense of humor like me, someone intelligent, and someone with similar interests.. I’m not too worried about looks, so long as you take good care of yourself.. Oh & you HAVE to have good taste in music.

Perfect Date: If we’ve been dating for a while- a night in either cooking a romantic dinner together, watching a movie, snuggling up in bed, nice hot bubble bath together, followed by lots & lots of sex.. Orrr, also if we’ve been dating for a while, a night in watching the game, complete with beer & wings, sitting on your lap and making out during time outs %Title MyFreeCams Model Also I like to mix things up sometimes and get out there and do something different, or explore or take a drive to somewhere I’ve never been before.. Go look at interesting “hole in the wall” local places.. I’m big on that sort of thing. I love going and exploring bits of history. It’s always a plus when you’re with someone who can appreciate such things.

Turn Ons/Offs: If you resemble my ‘Perfect Mate’.. (see above).. If you have tits and a pretty face.. I LOVE a nice set of tits.. the feel of them in my hands and in my mouth %Title MyFreeCams Model Oh & like every girl, I’m drawn to that ‘bad boy’ persona TO AN EXTENT.. I also like a guy that is smart and business savvy and doesn’t make stupid decisions..Coming on too strong is the BIGGEST turn off, unless we’re together, then in that case, shower me with love & affection!.. People that are cheap, lazy, have no ambition, are selfish, and can’t spell, all drive me a little insane..

Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I’m a little frazzled, all over the place, sweet, loud, confident, soft spoken, a little arrogant with my joking at times, an old soul stuck in a 21 year old body, simplistic yet complex…. But I’m lovable, & I’m myself.. If I’m someone that catches your eye, well, then I’m more than happy to have you in my room! :)[/wpspoiler]

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%Title MyFreeCams Model

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Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_09_2013-09.46.05-UTC.x264.mp4 – 21.0 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_11_2013-02.00.29-UTC.x264.mp4 – 15.9 MB[external link]
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Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_13_2013-21.24.17-UTC.x264.mp4 – 7.5 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_15_2013-07.23.36-UTC.x264.mp4 – 44.3 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_24_2013-21.34.15-UTC.x264.mp4 – 23.9 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_24_2013-22.03.41-UTC.x264.mp4 – 20.9 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_24_2013-22.38.58-UTC.x264.mp4 – 20.1 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_25_2013-07.43.50-UTC.x264.mp4 – 56.8 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_27_2013-05.58.43-UTC.x264.mp4 – 56.4 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_28_2013-08.42.31-UTC.x264.mp4 – 44.9 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_28_2013-09.46.44-UTC.x264.mp4 – 25.8 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-04_28_2013-10.22.16-UTC.x264.mp4 – 29.6 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-05_10_2013-22.49.59-UTC.x264.mp4 – 27.2 MB[external link]
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Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-05_10_2013-23.58.25-UTC.x264.mp4 – 16.9 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-05_11_2013-00.25.37-UTC.x264.mp4 – 17.8 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-05_14_2013-21.13.38-UTC.x264.mp4 – 6.0 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-05_14_2013-21.21.11-UTC.x264.mp4 – 5.3 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-05_29_2013-21.40.27-UTC.x264.mp4 – 30.0 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-05_29_2013-22.48.11-UTC.x264.mp4 – 17.9 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-05_31_2013-21.38.21-UTC.x264.mp4 – 29.1 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_01_2013-03.14.57-UTC.x264.mp4 – 26.5 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_16_2013-02.47.40-UTC.x264.mp4 – 6.1 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_16_2013-03.00.53-UTC.x264.mp4 – 11.7 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_16_2013-03.19.04-UTC.x264.mp4 – 11.3 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_16_2013-04.04.26-UTC.x264.mp4 – 6.9 MB[external link]
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Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_25_2013-13.49.45-UTC.x264.mp4 – 36.4 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_27_2013-12.10.48-UTC.x264.mp4 – 4.7 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_27_2013-12.20.27-UTC.x264.mp4 – 9.7 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_27_2013-12.45.58-UTC.x264.mp4 – 31.0 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_30_2013-02.43.25-UTC.x264.mp4 – 28.2 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_30_2013-03.17.59-UTC.x264.mp4 – 15.3 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_30_2013-04.00.13-UTC.x264.mp4 – 40.2 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_30_2013-04.41.54-UTC.x264.mp4 – 6.2 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_30_2013-04.49.14-UTC.x264.mp4 – 19.4 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_30_2013-21.05.36-UTC.x264.mp4 – 9.4 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_30_2013-21.24.55-UTC.x264.mp4 – 9.4 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-06_30_2013-21.50.56-UTC.x264.mp4 – 17.5 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-07_12_2013-20.08.02-UTC.x264.mp4 – 57.7 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-07_12_2013-21.43.42-UTC.x264.mp4 – 62.1 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-07_15_2013-18.11.06-UTC.x264.mp4 – 6.4 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-07_15_2013-18.18.05-UTC.x264.mp4 – 13.3 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-07_15_2013-19.19.30-UTC.x264.mp4 – 34.3 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-07_15_2013-19.54.36-UTC.x264.mp4 – 58.9 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-07_30_2013-23.44.13-UTC.x264.mp4 – 24.1 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-08_13_2013-08.22.05-UTC.x264.mp4 – 23.5 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-08_14_2013-12.15.38-UTC.x264.mp4 – 20.8 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-08_15_2013-05.46.12-UTC.x264.mp4 – 28.4 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-08_15_2013-06.25.24-UTC.x264.mp4 – 15.0 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-08_15_2013-09.19.30-UTC.x264.mp4 – 49.2 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-08_15_2013-11.52.22-UTC.x264.mp4 – 22.0 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-08_15_2013-12.20.37-UTC.x264.mp4 – 42.6 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-08_15_2013-13.15.11-UTC.x264.mp4 – 7.2 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Ally_Bath_Video.x264.mp4 – 205.8 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Banana_Fucking_On_the_Counter.x264.mp4 – 82.6 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-BarelyLegalBlowJob.mp4 – 52.4 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-BlowJobinDowntownATL.mp4 – 69.6 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-blowjobinroom.mp4 – 62.7 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Bonus_Videeeeo.mp4 – 17.9 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Corporate_Tease.mp4 – 12.0 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Cowboys_Striptease.mp4 – 31.8 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Doggy_Tease.mp4 – 83.4 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Drive_Thru.mp4 – 9.0 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-GirlGirlGuyBlowJob.mp4 – 500.0 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-IMG_0918.mp4 – 5.6 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-IMG_1398.mp4 – 5.0 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-IMG_1462.mp4 – 5.6 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Panty_Stuff.mp4 – 120.7 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Purple_Vibe_Tease.mp4 – 101.6 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Sexy_Striptease.mp4 – 86.5 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Squirty_Cock_BJ.mp4 – 93.1 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Squirt_Drink.mp4 – 115.3 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Squirt_w._Green_Vibe.mp4 – 70.3 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Tight_Pussy_Cum.mp4 – 190.0 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Tittie_Tease.mp4 – 5.1 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Video_1.mp4 – 156.5 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Video_2.mp4 – 31.3 MB[external link]
Keep2Share: MFC-AllyAnderson-Premium.Video-Video_6.mp4 – 34.5 MB[external link]

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